Project Summary

TRANSCEND, designed as a translational research centre at the Regional Institute of Oncology (IRO), an university hospital, due to the EU Structural Funds, is in a emergent stage of its development.

The centre, planned to generate a translational repertoire of biomarkers capable to develop the diagnostic tumor taxonomy and to keep going the personalized therapy, was founded on the interdisciplinary interplay between several cell and molecular high-throughput technologies.

It therefore offers a stimulating and dynamic scientific and clinical environment to reach its maximum potential by extending the current scientific aims to a more pronounced inter-, multi- and transdisciplinary approach of the biomedical research.

Such a goal will be fulfilled by exploring the huge opportunities brought by nanomedicine in development of less expensive and more powerful devices and functionalized nanocarriers used for the diagnosis and treatment of human diseases.

Hence, the ambitious goal of the ESEI-BioMed project is to enhance and strengthen the excellence of the interdisciplinary biomedical research at the TRANSCEND research centre.

To meet this objective, a highly successful and experienced leadership (ERA Chair holder) whose experience and professional value, including a range of skills from excellent research manager to excellent researcher in the field of nanomedicine-oriented research, will be hired aiming at implementing positive changes in the actual organization of the centre.

The interdisciplinary scientific plan and the management skills of the ERA-Chair holder will certainly be the catalysts of the creation of an interdisciplinary team made of highly-skilled and dedicated researchers capable to properly address the scientific challenges and finally to increase the international visibility, translational capability and socio-economic impact of the TRANSCEND.


Project Objectives

O1. Recruitment of a brilliant scientist and eminent researchers to fulfil the ERA-Chair position and to build up an inter-/multidisciplinary highly-skilled and dynamic team.

O2. Improvement of the research and human resources management to set up the NanoTech Laboratory in the frame of TRANSCEND centre to boost excellence in translational nanomedicine on a sustainable basis.

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