Regional Institute of Oncology Iasi, Romania is looking for an Assistant Manager within the ERA-Chair project

Full Time Assistant manager within the ERA-Chair project


The Regional Institute of Oncology – Iasi, Romania, is looking for an Assistant manager. The position is available in the H2020-WIDESPREAD-06-2020 - ERA Chairs grant ( running in the TRANSCEND research center. The project aims to strength excellence in TRANSCEND center by creating a multi- and inter-disciplinary team of highly-skilled and dedicated researchers in nanomedicine.

  1. ERA-Chair Project in brief
  • Type: WIDESPREAD-06-2020 - ERA Chairs
  • Title: Enhancing and Strengthening the Excellence in Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research at TRANSCEND
  • Acronym: ESEI-BioMed
  • Budget:€ 2 500 000
  • Period: 01.01.2021 – 31.12.2026
  • Location: Iasi, Romania
  • Description of the
  1. Description of the job, documents and selection process

The AM will provide administrative support for the activities of the ERA-Chair project. The successful applicant will work in close collaboration mainly with Project Coordinator and ERA-Chair holder. The AM will be the interface between the ERA-Chair project and the administrative team of IRO (particularly, accounting, human resources and procurement offices). She/he will be involved in preparation of documents for acquisition, drafting the reports associated with the project, identification of funding opportunities, grant preparation and submission, promotion of project and outreach.

The position is ideal for a post-doctoral researcher interested in moving from science to science policy and management.

  • Job title: Assistant manager  
  • Expected experience/competences:

The ideal candidate should be a PhD holder with at least three years of relevant activity in research and/or research management. Experience in promotion and outreach will be an advantage. Yet, a junior post-doc with a basic experience in research management can apply. Experience in research in the field of Chemistry, Chemical engineering, Nanomaterials and equivalents are preferred. Due to the particularity of the job and the institution, the candidate should know both English and Romanian.

  • Main requirements and responsabilities:
  • PhD in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Nanoscience, or equivalent is required
  • Communication skills, fluent in both English and Romanian
  • Organizational skills
  • Computer skills, particularly word, excel, power point
  • Commitment to professional development of his/her own career
  • Interest in science policy and public outreach
  • Preparation of documents for acquisition, track and control of expenses
  • Administration of lab equipment and supplies
  • Maintain and archive all administrative documents associated to the project
  • Provide support for organization of in/out travels and events
  • Drafting reports associated with the project
  • Identification of funding opportunities (national, international, public, private)
  • Involvement in grant preparation and submission
  • Involvement in promotion of project and outreach
  • Documents required for the application:
    • CV (publication list included)
    • Evidence and details of assistant manager experience
    • Details on communication, promotion and outreach activities
    • Motivation letter
    • Copies of diplomas and transcripts of records
    • Letters from two references


  • All documents should be in English.
  • The electronic file containing the pdf version of all documents will be sent at Brindusa Dragoi).
  • Please use the subject: “Assistant manager - application file”
  • Incomplete applications will be excluded from the selection process.
  • Application period:

11.10 – 11.11.2022

  • Selection procedure:
  • Ranking of candidates based on the information provided in the application file.
  • Shortlisting of the most suitable candidates and communication of decision to the applicants (14.11.2022)
  • Interview (17.11.2022)

The most appropriate candidates will be invited to interview in front of the Recruitment Committee (management team of the project and ERA-Chair holder). For 10 min, the candidates will present their knowledge, achievements and skills in line with the requirements for the job.

(The interview will take place either at TRANSCEND center or online via webcam depending on the location of the candidates, their availability and international situation.)

  • Ranking of candidates and decision of the management team
  • Notification to the successful applicant (18.11.2022)

Note: The estimated deadlines depend on the number of applications. A high number of applications may postpone the subsequent steps of the selection process accordingly.

  • What is offered to the successful candidate?
    • A full time position contract ( ~48 months, depending on the starting date)

(The position should be filled by December 2022; after a 6-month probation period the decision of hiring until the end of the project will be taken)

  • Remuneration package, covering the hours worked, social security contributions (mandatory employer and employee contributions), and health insurance, will be established depending on the experience of the candidate. (According to Romanian legislation, the activity on research projects is not taxable.)
  • An opportunity to work in an inter- and multidisciplinary team
  • Professional development
  • Non-discrimination and equal-opportunity:
  • The selection of AM will be performed in line with The European Charter for Researchers - The Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers and the National Plan for Research and Development 2015 - 2020 through GD 583/2015, following a transparent, open, and merit-based recruitment process.