Official opening of the project "Enhancing and Strengthening the Excellence in Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research at TRANSCEND"

Thursday, the 13th of May, the official opening of the Project “Enhancing and Strengthening the Excellence in Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research at TRANSCEND (ESEI-BioMed, GA No. 952390) took place at the Regional Institute of Oncology Iasi.
Due to the global pandemic conditions, the event was hybrid, with a few number of onsite participants, but with a large online audience via Zoom platform.
During the event, Dr. Brîndușa Drăgoi, Project Coordinator, presented the main goal of the project, the objectives, the team, as well as the impact on the institution, research and innovation carried out at TRANSCEND. She also briefly introduced the IAB members, who are from different EU countries, and will be actively involved in the project.
The Project has been funded under Horizon 2020 Program, the ERA-Chairs topic. For those who are not familiarized with such a project, the goal of ERA-Chairs is to bring excellence in those universities and research institutions having high potential for research activity. The first objective of the Project consists of recruiting a remarkable scientist, whose research activities and managerial abilities are recognized internationally. The second objective consists of attracting and maintaining high quality human resources. To reach the final goal – excellence – the ERA Chair is entitled to make all structural modifications needed in the host institution for this purpose, so that the results of research conducted at TRANSCEND can have a positive impact on society and the health care, mainly in the area of chronic diseases.” said Dr. Drăgoi.
The Project, the second-one granted in Romania within ERA-Chair Program, but currently the greatest one for developing the nanomedicine field in the country, will contribute to the formation and development of a team of highly qualified researchers, which will be integrated in the Nanotechnology Lab. The management team is made of the Project Coordinator - Dr. Brîndușa Drăgoi, senior researcher, the Project Manager - Prof. dr. Radu Iliescu, PhD, senior researcher and vice-rector of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Iasi and the Medical Scientific Manager, Prof. dr. Eugen Carasevici, PhD, the founder of the TRANSCEND research centre.
It’s been 5 years since TRANSCEND exists, it succeeded to develop in some directions, but something seems to be missing. That “something” means cohesion, trust between the members of services, departments, and a cooperation. I think that ESEI-BioMed will create a new attitude” declared Prof. Eugen Carasevici.
The official opening ceremony of the project occurred in the presence of a large number of key personalities in the field of research (medicine, chemistry, biology, material science etc.) from Romania and abroad, as well as the local authorities, policy makers, industry representatives, Ministries representatives, and specialists in technology transfer, as listed below in the event program. Most of them delivered a speech by which they congratulated the Project’s team and the institution and expressed their support to the project. The event was a great opportunity for the scientists working on various topics of the large area of nanomedicine form different European Countries (Spain, Italy, Finland, UK, Holland, Germany, Romania) to present their research interests and achievements as premise for future collaborations.
Collaboration is essential for development, and the presentations provided today, which have been diverse but complementary, highlighted the complexity of the nanomedicine research area. ” said Dr. Drăgoi at the closing of event
Meantime, the local and abroad industry representatives became aware of the new Research Center existing in the Nord-East of Romania, which has a great potential for technology transfer in nanomedicine.
At the end, Prof. Dimofte, IAB member and Medical Director of IRO, guaranteed a good collaboration with the management team of the institution and expressed his desire to get something beautiful out of this project.

Event program

May 13, 2021

11.30-11.45 - Dr. Brîndușa DRĂGOI
Project Coordinator
Welcome and project presentation

11.45-11.50 - Prof. habil. Dr. Gabriel DIMOFTE
Medical Director
Regional Institute of Oncology Iasi

11.50-12.00 - Prof. Dr. Dragoș CIUPARU
State Secretary for Reearch
Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitalisation

12.00-12.05 - Ioana ISPAS
European Affairs Adviser
Responsible for Cancer Mission in Horizon Europe
Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitalisation

12.05-12.10 - Dr Vasile CEPOI
Excecutive Directory of Public Health Departament Iasi

12.10-12.15 - Ing. Mihai CHIRICA
mayor of Iasi City Hall

12.15-12.20 - Ec. Marius DANGĂ
Vice-president of Iași Country Council

12.20-12.25 - Acad. Prof. Dr. Bogdan SIMIONESCU
Vice-president of Romanian Academy

12.25-12.30 - Prof. Dr. Viorel SCRIPCARIU
„Grigore T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iași

12.30-12.35 - Dr. Valeria HARABAGIU
Institute of macromolecular Chemistry „Petru Poni” Iași

12.35-12.40 - Jr. Vasile ASANDEI
General Director
North-East Regional Development Agency

12.40-12.45 - Ing. Cristina DIACONESCU
Quality Director
Antibiotice S.A., Iași

12.45-12.55 - Dr. Teodora RUSU
Director of BioNanoTech Support Center for European Projects
Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry „Petru Poni” Iași

12.55-13.00 - Prof. Dr. Gerrit STORM
Faculty of Science
Utrecht University, Holland

13.00-13.05 - Prof. Dr. Twan LAMMERS
Institute for Experimental Molecular Imaging
RWTH Aachen University Clinic, Germany

13.05-13.15 - Dr. Luigi CALZOLAI
European Commission Joint Research Center
IAB member

13.15-13.25 - Prof. Dr. Laura LECHUGA
Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Barcelona
IAB member

13.25-13.35 - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Oommen PODIYAN OOMMEN
Faculty of Medicine and Health Technologies & BioMediTech Institute
Tampere university, Finland
IAB member

13.35-13.45 - Dr. Maria JESSUS VICENT
Prince Felipe Research Center, Valencia
IAB member

13.45-13.50 - Dr. Ian PROCTOR
Interim CEO and Commercial Director, Sci-Tron Limited
University of Manchester, UK
IAB member

13.50-14.00 - Ing. Gabriela MACOVEIU
Director for Communication Innovation and External Cooperation
North-east Regional Development Agency
IAB member

14.00-14.10 - prof. hanin. Dr. Gabriel DIMOFTE
Medical director
regional Institute of Oncology Iasi
IAB member

14.10-14.15 - Prof. Dr. Eugen CARASEVICI
Founder of TRANSCEND Research Center
Medical Scientific Manager of the project

14.15-14.20 - Ec. Mirela GROSU
Regional Institute of Oncology Iasi

14.20-14.30 - Discussion and Closing
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