Regional Institute of Oncology Iasi, Romania is interested in hosting Experienced Researchers in Nanomedicine to Set-Up Research Teams

Attracting highly qualified human resources from abroad for research, development and innovation
The programmein brief

Supporting the national system of research and development by attracting highly qualified human resources from abroad, around whom research groups of excellence will be created in leading scientific fields, aiming at contributing to the achievement of the objectives in the National Strategy of Research, Innovation and Smart Specialization.


Specific objectives:

1.Development and promotion of fundamental scientific research in Romania;
2.Encouraging the formation of competent human resources and the creation of research groups of excellence to balance the existing investment in research infrastructure in the country;
3.Increasing the institutional capacity to absorb European funds and the stimulation of international institutional partnerships;
4.Recovering the gaps that Romania registers in the field of research and development against the EU average and against the countries in the region;
5.Adherence to the European Charter of Researchers and the adoption of the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers by the research organizations in Romania;
6.Increasing the number of publications with high international impact, as well as the number of EPO, USPTO, JPO patent/patent applications or patent/patent applications obtained in other EU and OECD countries;
7.Identifying, supporting, and developing research teams to enable them to reach, maintain and strengthen the critical mass necessary for their international competitiveness;
8.The preparation and active involvement of doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers for a career of excellence in scientific research in Romania, thus encouraging the training of researchers in an high quality scientific environment;
9.Supporting excellent researchers to stimulate successful participation in the competitions of the European Union's Horizon Europe framework programme.

Eligibility conditions for the project manager
The PM is active researcher  with experience and performance in scientific research proved by originality and international impact of scientific publications.
The PhD diploma is obtained with at least three years prior to the deadline for application;
The researcher conducted at least 1 research project  within the last 7 years before the deadline for application.
The researcher currently works in a institution outside Romania (at least 3 years before the deadline for application)
The researcher published at least 8 papers (research article/review or proceedings) in Science Citation Index Expanded (Q1 or Q2) within area of expertise as main author (fist. Corresponding or both) in the last 7 years (;
4 of the 8 papers are in the top 25% (Q1 based on Journal Impact Factor (JIF) orArticle Influence Score (AIS)

•The PM is expected to open up new research directions or to bring added value to the existent ones in the institution
•The PM has to set up a research group and to attract new researchers from abroad (a particular attention is to be paid for early stage researchers)
•The PM has to attract funds for research
•The PM is capable to publish independently as main author
•The PM will supervise his/her newly formed research team, including PhD students and postdoctoral researchers;
•The PM will apply for at least one eligible proposal in Horizon Europe alongside with the hot institution
•75% of his activity is dedicated to the grant and she/he will be the employee of the host institution

 Budget and project period
•The total budget is of 168.000.000 EUR
•The maximum period for the project is 36 months with a max of 1.400.000,00 Euro
•The minimum period is of 24 months with the corresponding budget adjustment

Team structure
•The team can be made of researchers at different levels of development, but the young researchers should be encouraged
•The application has to provide the number of full-time equivalent (FTE) positions, their type, the connection with the project activities and corresponding budget.
•Nominalization of the team members can be maid at the proposal stage, but not necessary
•The team members can be hired or recruited after signing the agreement.
•Apart the PM, it is mandatory for the team to have at least 2 FTE PhD students and at least 2 FTE postdoctoral researchers

Key performance indicators
•Publications/ acceptance for publication in Q1 journals based on Journal Impact Factor (JIF) or Article Influence Score (AIS)
•EPO, USPTO, JPO patent applications or applied for in other EU and OECD countries
•Project applications for Horizon Europe
•Project applications for National Funding
•Number of PhD students and postdoctoral researchers  hired in the project (at least 2+2)

Eligible costs

  • Direct costs:
    • Staff expenses - Salaries (including all taxes) for researchers, technicians and auxiliary personnel (auxiliary personnel – max 5% of direct costs)
    • Logistics
      • Research equipment necessary for project implementation
      • Consumables, materials, and related : max 20% of the project budget
      • Patents; consultancy
      • Dissemination and open science
    • Travel – max 2.5% of staff expenses and logistics.
  • Indirect costs – max 15 % of staff expenses, logistics (excepting tangible assets  ) and travel.

Application procedure:
•Application file will be submitted on line through using the electronic signature (Yet, the printed version is necessary too)
•The application will be in English with an Abstract in Romanian


TRANSCEND is the research unit of the Regional Institute of Oncology Iasi, Romania, and is committed to thecreation of an interdisciplinary platform capable of generating scientific knowledge with high translational potential in clinical practice. Two interconnected research areas produce a unique translational hub: molecular medicine and nuclear medicine. The molecular medicine includes activities focused on molecular biology, cell cultures, cytogenetics and molecular genetics, proteomics, molecular imaging and bioinformatics. The nuclear medicine is focused on radiochemistry-radiopharmacyand translational diagnostics (Transcend IRO).
The PM will have the unique change to set up the team under the umbrella of a very prestigious project awarded to our institution in 2020 by the European Commission through H2020-Widening-ERA-Chairs programme. The project will run till December 2026  and  currently, is the only one developing in Romania ( Thanks to this project and the funds provided by the PN-III-P3-3.6-H2020-2020, which supports the research activity of the European grant, a new Laboratory - Nanotechnology Lab - started to be shaped in the TRANSCEND(


Application period

03.10.– 15.11.2022, 16:00,Ro local time

Resultsfor eligibility


Contestation on eligibility

07-09.12.2022, 16:00,Ro local time

Final resultson eligibility


Evaluation period


Preliminary results


Contestation on results

10.05-12.05.2023, 16:00, Ro local time

Final results


Signing the agreement


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