Workshop "Medicinal chemistry: methods materials and environmental impact"

January 23-24, 2023, Dr. Brîndușa Drăgoi, Coordinator of the project ESEI-BioMed (“Enhancing and Strengthening the Excellence in Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research at TRANSCEND, GA No. 952390), attended the Thematic Workshop "Medicinal chemistry: methods materials and environmental impact" +WGs meetings+3rd MC meeting, organized by the COST Action CA21111 - One Health drugs against parasitic vector borne diseases in Europe and beyond (OneHealthdrugs) as Management Committee member of the action. The event took place at Modena, Italy.

During the event, Dr. Brîndușa Drăgoi delivered the talk titled “Bringing Layered Nanomaterials to the Frontline Research Against Vector-borne Diseases and Cancer”.  It was an opportunity to promote the project, the Nanotechnology Lab both as technical facilities and scientific topics under development, as well as the TRANSCEND research Center among the participants from 19 European countries.

On the basis of this presentation, the Nanotechnology Lab was selected among the four European laboratories of 19 to receive PhD students. The main topics developed with the potential hosted students will be focused on the development of nanodrugs.




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